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Earring by Paid to Click – PTC

Earring by Paid to Click – PTC :
PTC means you will be paid for clicking and viewing advertisements on the PTC sites. Sites are taking money from the advertisers and pay a small amount to you. This is one of the easiest ways to earn money online for beginners.  Earning money by PTC is a referral based lengthy and very much slow process. You have to keep patience and gather referrals day by day. As a newbie, you should make a sign up in any reliable PTC site.
You can sign up many sites at once but only one account on every site with same user name, email address from one computer. That means you can maintain only one account on one site from one PC. Otherwise they will suspend your account whenever they found. After signing in you has to click on view ads or surf ads whatever it is, a list of advertisements will appear. Click on ads and wait until the money is credited to your account. Do the same thing to others and keep doing everyday with a full patience. There are two types of referrals, direct or rental. You can make referrals directly from your friend circle or from various social networks like facebook, twitter, orkut etc. That means direct referrals are particularly collected by you own. For rented referrals, you have to pay for each. You can pay from your own pocket as an investment through various money transferring sites like alertpay payzapaypal etc. or from earnings of your direct referrals. Sometimes rented referrals are may be inactive and you have to recycle them by paying a small amount. Most of the PTC sites are paying up to 2 cents for one successful ad viewing and 1 cent from the referrals click depending on your membership type. You can upgrade your membership any time by paying a deferent amount of money for deferent types of membership plan. The important thing is you have to click your own ads everyday to get referrals payments on your account. When you reach minimum cash out amount on your account, you can withdraw this amount through various money transferring sites which are mentioned earlier. A charge of payment will be deducted from the payee amount. A verifying process may run in some cases. After all those things you will get paid.There are too many SCAM (fraud) PTC sites available on the net which are not paying. They are making money by cheating you. So don’t sign up any PTC site without judging them. The most reliable PTC sites are PalmBuxNeobuxOlebux as they are paying so far. There is no guarantee that they will not SCAM you. So the true success on PTC depends on your patience and luck.