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Steps to successfully working from home and make money

Steps to successfully working from home:
The internet is crammed full of work-at-home job adverts which can look like the ideal job for poor students, particularly when you’ve got 5p in your bank account.The idea of working at home in your PJs can sound like the best gig in the world, but be warned, it isn’t all fun and games.Because we’re lovely

Find the right job
So you’ve decided that earning from home is the ideal set up for you. You’ve stocked up on tea, sugar and comfortable pyjamas; in fact all that’s left is the find the job itself.You’ll find this next point a recurring theme throughout this article. Finding a job online is exactly the same as finding any other type of job. Fail to take it seriously and you’ll fail to profit.Online job sites are a great place to start and we’ve got our very own part-time job search engine. It’s also worth checking out sites such as Gumtree and Guardian Jobs.Another option to consider is freelancing on various projects, as it gives you much more flexibility and variety.Check out our step by step guide on freelancing for everything you need to consider and once you’ve done this you can head on down to sites like People Per Hour, where you can offer your services for shedloads of freelance jobs.

Don’t get conned
It has been said a million times before, but if something looks too fantastic to be true then it probably is…You can forget your dreams of a £75 an hour gig; people simply aren’t going to pay mega bucks unless you’re very highly skilled.Treat online job adverts just like you would any other; check out the company before you apply, expect at least a phone interview before being offered the role and always make sure you visit head office in person before you accept (or at least use Google Street view).It might sound stupid, but blindly trusting the person at the end of an email could mean you end up working without getting paid or, even worse, scammed out of any money you did have.

Crank up the willpower
The possibility of having a job where you can work starkers and not leave your bed is definite bragging rights, but you’ve got to be sure you have got the self-discipline to not roll over and go back to sleep.When you’re working for yourself, there will be no one to continually ring your phone and leave expletive messages if you don’t show up for a shift. And no one to tell you off for slacking half-way through.Your housemates may be playing a round of Fifa and last night’s photos may well just have hit Facebook, but if you don’t find the time to work you’ll find your bragging rights evaporate very quickly.Basically, don’t be these guys.

Avoid loneliness
In one sense online jobs can be some of the most social around. Some friends want to go for a ‘quick pint’ at the pub (personally we’d suggest pre-drinks, much cheaper)? No problem! Just switch your shifts around and the beer is yours before you know it.However an online job can also be one of the loneliest ways to work.There’ll be no more chats at the water cooler, complaining about the customers or attending raucous work dos.In fact, for the most part, you’ll have to forgo the idea of meeting people at work entirely.On the plus side though, there’ll be no more walks of shame when someone on your shift finds out what really happened to you last night.

Don’t do too many hours
It’s always a little bit tempting to go overboard on work hours, especially when working actually means sitting on your bum at home.Remember you’re not getting paid to do nothing, so the chances are you won’t be able to cook a roast or finish that essay at the same time.Most uni courses suggest a limit of 15 hours a week for any kind of term-time job so you can still concentrate on your studies, but it’s probably better to go for a lower number of hours at first and then add a few more later if you think you can handle it.

Become self-motivated

Whilst decent companies will give you as much help settling in as they can, that doesn’t mean there’ll be someone there to help you when it’s 3am, you’re shattered and you haven’t the foggiest at what to do next.You simply just have to get used to the idea that there will be no instant feedback and help only comes in emails between nine and five.Getting organised and planning your workload will really help and give you plenty of time to take on problems.