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Earn Money By Creating Blog

Blogger is popular and famous for dynamic website. Everybody can create a Blogsite by a gmail account. If you have no gmail account. Then create a gmail account by after creating gmail account go to the directory  Create a blog as you want, give a name of your blogger, select a template and post something into your Blog site. After creating this dynamic website, go to the directory to add your web link into the Google Search Engine. After adding your site to the Google search engine, try with to create a adsense account or You have to go to your blog setting. In Earning Option you will get the Adsense option. Here is best to apply for a google adsense account. Be sure that there are minimum 5 articles and minimum 5 menu in your site. If you have no content in your site will not be able to get Google Adsense Account. When your adsense account is active then you are ready to earn money by post google add into your site.You can see my site where I placed ad under the menu option.