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High Paying Keyword

High Paying Or Top Keyword : When we are evaluating keyword density, we have to decide on keyword phrase and then write page. Once we have chosen a keyword phrase for Web page, we need to start using it. As we probably already know, we should use our keyword phrase in :
  • Meta title
  • Meta keywords
  • Meta description
  • h1, h2, and h3 headlines
  • First paragraph of text in the HTML
  • In link text
  • In alternate text for images
  • Scattered throughout the rest of the text on the page
If you are using Google adsense in your blog or web site as a monetizing method, then you must be aware of  high paying keywords. All keyword is not paying the same amount for each clicks. Therefor, it’s advisable to get and insert high paying keywords in your blog or posts or website. Let me follow in this post how to find high paying keywords for adsense. 

The simple and free Google keyword tool we can use for this purpose. It’s a free product for adsense users. Google keyword tool is not designed and developed  for publishers like us, it’s designed for advertisers who are looking to advertise. But, as publishers and bloggers or web designer we can utilize this product to find the high paying keyword for adsense. We Can use Google Adword Tools For research about high paying keyword.